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Want to pick the wrong mattress? Ignore these 3 things that only the best mattress will do for you

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Aloha, you’ve arrived. The decisive moment you reach every decade: choosing the best mattress for you. And it’s easier than you think.

For over a decade at The Bed Boss, we’ve listened to customers’ feedback, health professionals’ advice, and bed fairies’ whispers to determine what makes a mattress deliver great sleep night after night. Here’s what we found out.


1. It melts your stress away

On the wrong mattress, you wake up with sore spots screaming at you. The achey, tired feeling sticks. Side sleepers, especially, are at risk for waking up with sore hips and shoulders. We’re here to tell you—listen to you body!

The day’s stress should melt from your body every night on the right mattress. Ideally, pressure slowly lifts from your vertebrae and you wake up feeling refreshed and stress-free. That ice cream that slid off your cone onto the concrete yesterday? Forget about it! You’ve got a new day ahead of you and a great feeling.

For a stress-melting effect, look for a mattress built with high-density visco elastic memory foam or latex—resilient materials that absorb pressure and provide support. And keep an eye out for this key phrase: open cell construction. This construction ensures that your weight is evenly dispersed across the surface of the mattress.

All of our Hawaii mattresses feature high-density visco elastic memory foam and open cell construction.

2. It aligns and relaxes your spine

Everyone could use a strong backbone. Equally important, a relaxed backbone. Your spine sends messages from the brain to all of your insides. If your spine is tense and out of whack, you’ll feel it in every corner of your body. (Hello, debilitating stress!) And the wrong mattress is only going to aggravate your poor spine.

However, there’s hope. On the right mattress, your spinal cord will align and relax, releasing the day’s built up stress and pressure from the top of your head to the tips of your pinky toes in one long sigh of relief.

So, want a relaxed spine? Make your next mattress pick based on your sleep style.

For side sleepers, this means picking a soft to medium-soft mattress. For back sleepers, this means picking a medium-firm to firm mattress.

We’ve got your back, literally. Our Hawaii mattress options offer ample support for every type of sleeper.

3. It increases your circulation

When the wrong mattress fails to provide relief for your pressure points—sites where your body’s concentrated weight bears down—your circulation suffers, depriving your body of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, you will likely partake in the late night exercise of endless tossing and turning to relieve pressure—at the expense of restful sleep. It’s perfect if you like to start your day with a regular morning grogginess.

Prefer feeling vibrant and awake in the morning? The right mattress will alleviate your pressure points. This is where we remind you of the benefits of visco elastic memory foam and open cell construction. (1) Visco elastic memory foam absorbs pressure, eliminating pressure points, while (2) open cell construction evenly distributes body weight.

Make the five million life-giving cells within you rejoice! Choose a pressure-relieving mattress. You may even hear little hoorays in your dreams as red blood cells deliver oxygen and nutrients to your happy insides.


Your mattress — friend or foe? Enabling you to wake up every morning feeling refreshed, or wrecking your health? Restorative sleep is as essential as eating broccoli, taking long walks, and, er, making regular runs to the toilet. Save yourself a stressful trip to the mattress store, and let us make great sleep easy for you with the best mattress price in Hawaii.

Hawaii Mattress is your smart and safe online mattress choice. Have any questions about which of our high-quality, cheap mattress options will give you restorative sleep? Call us at 1(423)681-1478 and speak to a helpful, friendly sleep consultant. Our aim is to help you pick the best mattress for great sleep!

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